It would be hard to express my gratitude fully to all those individuals who have come along on this journey with me. Each of my teachers have brought to my path a certain flair and quality. In addition to my own teachers and students, who have taught me as much as I have taught them, there are uncountable people without whom this journey would have been the less enjoyable and less productive.

One such individual stands out particularly. It is Paul Irvin to whom I will be eternally indebted for his diligent, tireless, patient and understanding guidance and assistance, advice and help in respect to my instruments, the larynx of my playing. Paul has been able to do the otherwise humanly impossible, that of transforming two of my harpsichords from functional practice instruments into remarkably musical and lyrical personalities. It has been Paul’s attention to the details of the pinning of the bridges, the materials for the pins, the attention to epoch appropriate stringing schedules and materials, his knowledge of voicing and damper regulation, of acoustics and mechanical attributes of harpsichord action which has enabled him to do the miraculous–particularly from the distance of as much as 4,000 miles. Thank you, Paul.

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