Not just Kiss ’n Tell

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Not just Kiss ’n Tell

It’s always interests to me how much wildlife there is in European inner city areas. I don’t mean the odd robin or ladybird but things you really might not expect to be tucked in between tall buildings, heavy traffic and paved streets. Areas where nature has reclaimed land back from humans have enchanted me as long as I can remember. Growing up on an almost deserted island in the middle of Hong Kong where bamboo and banana had removed most traces of human impact, had left a lasting impression on my young mind. I would look out in the evenings from the beach which was our front garden, across the water, to see the lights of skyscrapers and the densely populated metropolis. But behind me lurked the dense semi-tropical forest of our back garden; a forest rich with wildlife, with cockatoos, snakes, soldier ants and…

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